They laugh alike, they walk alike…

By Abby and ElleLook-a-like
… at times they even talk alike…. And just like Patty Duke and her cousin Cathy (if you’re old enough to remember the Patty Duke Show, you’ll know what we’re talking about), we even, at times, dress alike.

As we mentioned in a previous post, How I’m wearing these classy, colorful cubes, we have been meeting at the Cleveland Museum of Art for the past six Saturdays, so that our little ones can stretch their creative muscles in their respective art classes.

This past weekend we showed up looking twin-like — maybe a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, though way better looking and with more fashion sense.

Most days, we try to wear the color of the day. Since Saturday’s color was black, we would naturally expect to see each other sporting something black, but this was the first time we managed to achieve a significant level of coordination, from black boots and leggings to slinky blouses in floral/geometric patterns and black tie waists. Here are some similar finds.

Like true twins, we both found our blouses at Goodwill, albeit at different times. Abby also got her boots from Goodwill, the perfect find for her rocker-chick outfit  for the last Good Style Fashion Show.

To bring out the red in her blouse, Abby wore red and metallic bead earrings and necklace.


EarringElle wore brown bead and metallic earrings and a triple-strand beaded necklace, gift from a colleague.


Just me being silly. Sometimes hanging at the art museum makes me feel pretentious, so I have to channel my inner child for a minute.


The ring, from Crono Design, was an art museum gift shop purchase. Using an architectural approach, the artist, Christophe Poly, designs an entire line of fabulous jewelry using mixed metals. The Cleveland Museum of Art carries several of his pieces, which are totally affordable and you must check out! We always say the best part of any museum is the gift shop.

Thanks for reading!

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