How I’m wearing these classy, casual cubes

By Abby

Elle and I have been taking my daughter and a couple of my nieces to the Cleveland Museum of Art for art classes on Saturday afternoons. It’s becoming a kind of coming of age for the children. I went when I was young, and so too my nieces have started the second wave of the tradition, followed now by my own daughter.

img_2990Last week, while the girls were drawing, painting and gluing, we perused the gift shop, where I spotted something I could not live without! The second I saw it I knew I had to have it. What was this thing that entranced me so? Well I’ll tell you, it was a beautiful, fanciful, colorful geo-cube necklace by Coeur De Lion.

The gift shop was asking $225, but I didn’t even blink at the price — that’s how much I wanted it. (The only reason I looked at the price tag at all was to make sure I had enough money on me to buy it that minute.) Although it didn’t come cheap —  beautiful things rarely do — at least my member discount brought it down to $205.

After I purchased the necklace, I noticed that the name, Coeur De Lion, is French for Lionheart. This seemed to be serendipitous since I recently finished reading a book about Richard I, better known as Richard the Lionheart. Then I found the name even more intriguing because Coeur De Lion is a German company using the French name of an English king who was an enemy to both countries!

img_2984All that nonsense aside, I loved the necklace the second I saw it. I love the whimsy of it. I love all things rainbow. It’s elegant, modern and chic. I can wear it with almost anything. When I got home I realized I had a pair of matching earrings to boot. Prior to owning the necklace, I hadn’t worn the earrings once; in fact, I don’t even know how I came to own them.

The earrings are cubes, just like the beads on the necklace, and they’re iridescent; depending on the light they can take on any color. Between the necklace and the earrings, I may never have to choose what piece of jewelry to wear ever again. They go together so perfectly.

Serendipity abounds!


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