How not to procrastinate the way fall 2017 did

By Abby and Elle

Abby wearing fall outfitNow that the leaves have changed colors, we feel like fall has finally arrived. That got us thinking about procrastination and how easy it is to put things off. (This blog post has been on our to-do list for two weeks!) We decided the problem wasn’t with us; it was with our to-do list. (Phew, we’re still perfect!)

So we are now thinking about and managing our list in a different way to prevent us from procrastinating and experiencing the dread associated with a to-do list that goes from baby to monster in just a few days.

Here’s the simple solution that we know works because you’re reading this post!  Continue reading


Replicate: Gucci Embellished Top Handle Bag

Fashion blogger Mandi from The Style Chimera uncovers the best deals!

The Style Chimera

I’m totally in love with this bag!  Gucci has a bunch of different versions and I found a bunch of dupes to match.  Now I just have to decide on one…

Picture116Left / Right

Here are some different versions from Amazon that I also think are really cute.  Each of them is $35.


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School days, school days, dear old Golden Rule days

By Elle

When I was an adolescent and pre-teen, my limited wardrobe consisted mainly of patched jeans and rock concert t-shirts, and because I went to public schools, that’s what I wore. Although I didn’t mind (and probably preferred it at the time), I’ve always been smitten with the look of school uniforms: perfectly pleated plaid skirts, crisp white collared shirts, neat cardigans and loafers to tie it all together. So when I bought this black and white schoolgirl skirt at a thrift store recently, I began to reflect on education and how lucky we in this country are to have access to schools. Continue reading