Fashion 9-1-1

Have a fashion 9-1-1? Email us at, and maybe we’ll feature your anonymous¬†question and our answer here.

4 thoughts on “Fashion 9-1-1

  1. Elel and Abby……your sight is fantastic! Since I have no fashion flair, I cannot contribute to the discussion. However, I can enjoy the conversation.

  2. Okay so it’s Valentine’s Day and I have a first date. I hvae a few club outfits that are cute but I fear are too revealing for a first date with a guy I actually want a second date with. Everything else I have is for work, professional looking pant suits and what-not. I don’t want to look like I’m going to the office, and I don’t want to look like a skank either. I read your most recent post about not hunting, so what should I do?

    • Well, Jill, the answer is fairly simple: mix and match what you already have in your closet. I recommend wearing one of your professional bottoms, skirt or pants, with one of your club tops. Your professional bottom will counter the revealing top. But if you still feel “naked” in your club top, wrap a scarf or cardigan around it. They say that if you are trying to bag a man, the right amount of skin to show is about 40%. So show off your shoulders and legs, but leave the cleavage for later. Good luck tonight! ~Abby

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