About Abby and Elle

We are two Midwestern girls with a love of fashion, art and “casual luxury.” People have long loved our style, enough so that we decided to share our inspiration, tips and tricks. As well, we want to help uncover and promote the hidden gems our terrific city has to offer, such as Cleveland Fashion Week.

Cleveland is fast becoming an arts and fashion center for the Midwest. We may never be a Chicago, but we have, among many other things, a world-class art museum, an international film festival (2017 is its 41st year!), a growing artists community and fun boutiques featuring finds from Paris and Italy as well as from local designers.

We hope you join us as we discover what’s fabulous in Cleveland and how you can look fabulous following your own passions.

Footnote about us: Abby has a BA in art education from Notre Dame College, right here in Cleveland, and Elle has a BA in marketing from Notre Dame College and an MBA from Lake Erie College. Abby, married with a young daughter, loves to paint. In her spare time, Elle teaches at John Carroll University and loves to write poetry. She is also the author of Eye of the Beholder, true stories of people with facial differences. She digs hanging out with her one true soul-mate/love-of-her-life. Both live on Cleveland’s East Side.

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