Color of the Day

Each day of the week is ruled by a planet, and each day has a corresponding color that relates to the day’s planetary influences.

At the end of each month, we’ll publish the colors of the day for the coming month. Wear these colors on the corresponding day and enjoy good luck and balance!

August 2017

August 1: Black
August 2: White
August 3: Crimson
August 4:  Coral
August 5: Indigo
August 6:  Amber
August 7: White
August 8: Grey
August 9: Yellow
August 10: Purple
August 11: Pink
August 12: Blue
August 13: Yellow
August 14: Lavender
August 15: Maroon
August 16: Topaz
August 17: Turquoise
August 18: Purple
August 19: Black
August 20: Gold
August 21: Ivory
August 22: Scarlet
August 23: Brown
August 24: Green
August 25: Rose
August 26: Grey
August 27: Amber
August 28: Silver
August 29: Red
August 30: Topaz
August 31: White

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