Fashion Report from Italy: Roar!

By Abby and Elle

DSC03538Buongiorno! As promised, here’s our first fashion report from Italy — specifically from Florence and Montecatini Terme, an elegant resort town known for its thermal spas and waffles, the aroma of which you could smell for blocks. (We should have indulged in a waffle or two, but we were too busy shoving multiple flavors of gelato down our gullets for the sole pursuit, mind you, of determining which flavor is best. Espresso = still the winner.)

Anyway, styles featuring animal prints were as common as gelato shops and looked just as delectable, in a different way, of course.

We especially love the first photo, which pairs an animal-print cape with a snuggly sweater and glittery, chiffon skirt. And although the second photo of a felted wool jockey-style hat doesn’t exactly qualify as an animal print, we included it here because it features part of an animal and it’s so dang adorable!

Leave us a comment and tell us which is your favorite (animal print or gelato flavor, we don’t care which). Ciao till next time!

Fashion Report from Italy: animal prints
Fashion Report from Italy: animal prints2
Fashion Report from Italy: animal prints3
Fashion Report from Italy: animal prints5
Fashion Report from Italy: animal prints4

4 thoughts on “Fashion Report from Italy: Roar!

  1. Fun! I really like the coat. I also took some great pics of fashion when we were in Italy and I was thinking of you. Have to show you!

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