Fashion Report from Italy: The Classics

DSC03544By Abby and Elle

While we love funky styles, the truth is we’re always drawn back to the classics with their clean lines, neutral colors, gentle draping and precise fit. Classic pieces never tire, and they just look so darn sophisticated. And we like to look sophisticated. Most of the time, anyway.

Check out the boots in the second photo that look like shoes with socks (in both short and tall versions), and the caramel-colored cape in the fifth photo that we found in Florence at (oh, this is hard to admit) H&M. Elle had to buy one. It was only 30 Euros! And it was awfully chilly that evening. Really. She didn’t have a choice. But she felt redeemed twice that night: first, when it kept her toasty warm, and second, when we returned to the hotel and she got SO many compliments on it — seriously, even the men in our travel group were gushing. Gushing! (And when does that happen?) We should have bought the whole damn lot….







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