Fashion Report: Helsinki

By Elle

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki’s Senate Square and Lutheran Cathedral

We traveled all the way to Finland to shop. Truth. We barely did any sightseeing (though we did spend some time on the Hop-on, Hop-off bus, but more to get around than to learn about the city), and we did nothing of any cultural value. There, I said it.

But before we began our shopping spree, we enjoyed the morning (and some espresso) at Cafe Kappeli, a Rick Steves recommendation.  (Rick’s never failed me. He once led me right to Galileo’s middle finger, resting peacefully in a glass, in Florence, Italy. What a sight!)

In any case, I give you the fashion report from Helsinki:

Helsinki fashion

Everything in Helsinki was so clean and crisp, just like this sweet dress!

Helsinki fashion

I was enamored with this white cotton cutout top (second from right). The shorts were pretty dang cute, too. And I just noticed the jacket on the right!

Helsinki fashion

Front view

Helsinki fashion

Back view. I should have just bought the thing.

Helsinki fashion

Note the cutouts at the bottom of the cropped pants

Helsinki shoes

I thought about at least trying these on, but they looked dang uncomfortable

Helsinki shoes

The saleswoman insisted they were comfortable except, she admitted, on cobblestone streets!

Helsinki shoes

Loved the grey strappy sandals in the back. Eh, but not the price

Helsinki shopping

This is what every storefront needs: bean bag chairs!

We loved Helsinki, and our word for the city was joyful perhaps for no other reason than that’s how we felt while we were there. We ended up buying gifts for friends and family — beautifully handcrafted items, some made from ceramic, wood and, believe it or not, old bed quilts.

The oddest thing that happened on our trip, though, happened in Helsinki, when a young man, sporting a leotard and tutu (and breasts) stopped us on the street, babbling who-knows-what in Finnish, and then, in English, asked us to marry him. We declined the invitation.

PS: Stay tuned for the fashion report from Germany. You won’t believe the shoes we bought!

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