French Skin Care Comes to Cleveland: Our Take

Votre Vu Best Regards Set for Normal to Dry Skin

Votre Vu Best Regards Set for Normal to Dry Skin

By Abby and Elle

We recently sampled a number of skin care products from the French company Votre Vu. Around for decades in France, the company recently expanded into the U.S. market, and now Cleveland, with a robust line of products including creams, toners, serums and masks, all created in the French fashion using botanicals such as lemon extract, peppermint leaf, ginseng root extract and sunflower seed oil.

Elle tested the Full Benefits set for mature skin (“Full Benefits,” get that? As in, bring on the Big Guns!), because believe it or not she turned 50 this year. Abby tested the Best Regards set for Fair Lasses who are Young and Perfect (normal-to-dry-skin version). The company also offers a line for sensitive skin and for troubled skin.

The samples we tested were enough for nearly a week. The Best Regards collection that Abby tested included Lait Pour le Visage milk cleanser, Fleur Blanc tonic, Serum Hydratant and Crème de Jour. Elle’s Full Benefits collection included Lait Pour le Visage milk cleanser, anti-aging tonic, enriched serum and Crème de Jour. We also tested the luxe hand crème, restorative neck crème and Tout le Monde (eye gelee).

Here’s our overall take:

All the products we tested felt light and sheer; not overpowering or so heavy that our pores would instantly be plugged. The positive effects were almost immediate. Our skin felt softer and looked better than it had before. Elle noticed the fine lines around her eyes appeared minimized — triple points! Not surprising, the effects lasted only a short while, so we’re sure with continued use you could achieve a lasting effect.

Some specific notes:

The milk cleanser works well if you’re not trying to use it as a makeup remover (they offer a separate makeup remover). And it smelled fabulous! Elle loved how moist her face felt after using it, like she’d just spent an hour at the gym.

The serum, packed with vitamins and designed to nourish and fortify the skin, stung Abby’s face, but she does have a spot of eczema. Elle didn’t experience any stinging. To the contrary, her aging skin lapped those vitamins right up.

We both loved the way the hand crème smelled and felt, but the neck crème was another story. The smell reminded us both of grandmothers; you know, the really old kind.

The products are sold in the same manner as, say, Pampered Chef. An ambassador comes to your home and entertains you and your friends. You have a smashing good time and buy amazing products, and the hostess gets a discount based on party purchases.

The cost of Votre Vu products are quite possibly less expensive than other high-end skin care products. To purchase the full set that Abby tested would cost about $140, and to purchase the full set that Elle tested would cost about $180.

Now for the downside, at least for Elle. All the products we tested contain parabens, which Elle generally avoids. Used as a preservative, parabens (mainly methylparaben and propylparaben) are commonly found in personal care products, though a growing number of paraben-free products are available. Why are parabens of concern? They mimic estrogen and are suspected by some to be linked to breast cancer and early puberty in girls.

So where does that leave us? If you’re already using another high-end skin care line and don’t have an aversion to parabens, give Votre Vu a try. And we’d love to hear your take on it, so please leave us your comments!

PS: If interested, contact Brand Ambassador Bethany Adipietro directly at or visit

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