Breaking News: Littlest Fashionista’s Media Debut!

Isabelle, Abby, and Elle

10-week-old Isabelle, Abby and Elle. Photo: Allison Carey, Plain Dealer

By Abby and Elle

This week, we — meaning three generations of fashionistas — were featured in the Plain Dealer‘s Fashion Flash section online. Allison Carey interviewed us about a month and a half ago about our blog and our personal style. She also took some fab photos — click here to see the photos and read the interview.

In her Fashion Flash segments, Allison typically asks other “Clevelanders with notable style” if they have any fashion advice for her readers. When she asked us, we replied with more than she could have ever used. After all, we’re regularly sought after for fashion advice on our blog and in person — and every now and again we actually come up with some good advice!

Handmade origami cranes make this necklace special. By Gillian Martin

Handmade origami cranes make this necklace special. By Gillian Martin. Photo: Allison Carey, Plain Dealer

Elle said (and she stands by this, cowlicks notwithstanding) that every extraordinary outfit starts with a good haircut. You won’t wow clutching that Gucci bag if you’re sporting a straggly mop on your head. And Abby said that no matter what you’re wearing, wear it with poise. Good posture looks good on everyone!

One note left out of our interview (our memories failed — we think it was because of the hot lights) involves Abby’s adorable peace and love necklace. It was made by local teenager Gillian Martin, who folded each of the origami cranes by hand.

We hope you enjoy the Fashion Flash interview and photos. Leave us some comments, please!

Abby and Isabelle

Abby with 10-week-old daughter Isabelle, wearing an sunny outfit from Gymboree. Photo: Allison Carey, Plain Dealer

6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Littlest Fashionista’s Media Debut!

  1. What a surprise to see you on the pages of the PD? It was great reading about you and “catching up,” so to speak. Of course, I had to check out the blog. Congrats to you and your family — quite a few accomplishments in your family life and professional life.To think, I can say “I knew you when. . . ” With all sincerity, congratulations!

    • Hey LWA, aren’t you nice to write. Yes, lots has been going on! Little Isabelle (or Rosiebelle as I call her) has three cousins — all girls — so someday I can turn over this fashion blogging empire to them ;). Hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks again for your note.

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