We’re Celebrating One Year of Fashion Fun!

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Abby and Elle Upstairs Fashion has brought you one year of local fashion events, advice and fun.

By Abby and Elle

Would you believe it? We are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our first post!

In honor of this milestone anniversary, we would like to remind all our readers that we do this for you. (What, you think writing a blog post every week is so easy?) OK, maybe not so easy, but definitely fun. And we love when you participate by bringing us your Fashion 9-1-1 questions, commenting on posts, sharing with us as we share with you. When you engage with us, it makes it all worthwhile. So, please, keep sending us your comments and fashion conundrums (and a Happy Anniversary note wouldn’t hurt either).

We are always on the lookout for interesting boutiques and artisans, finding the cool in Cleveland. (And if you are a local artisan or vendor and would like to collaborate, let us know!)

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you, and we hope you stick with us for another year of Fashion Mania and Merriment. Woo hoo!

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