Winter Boots: Pretty or Prudent?

By Abby and Elle

When shopping for boots everyone loves a cutie. But cuties may have you doing accidental backflips on icy pavement, especially if you live here in Northeast Ohio (or anywhere else that gets more than four inches of snow every winter).

So we put together a collection of some super-cute boots alongside their more practical counterparts. This way, you can maintain your fashionista status while staying upright and out of a body cast.

Let it snow!

Winter Boots


We’re Celebrating One Year of Fashion Fun!

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Abby and Elle Upstairs Fashion has brought you one year of local fashion events, advice and fun.

By Abby and Elle

Would you believe it? We are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our first post!

In honor of this milestone anniversary, we would like to remind all our readers that we do this for you. (What, you think writing a blog post every week is so easy?) OK, maybe not so easy, but definitely fun. And we love when you participate by bringing us your Fashion 9-1-1 questions, commenting on posts, sharing with us as we share with you. When you engage with us, it makes it all worthwhile. So, please, keep sending us your comments and fashion conundrums (and a Happy Anniversary note wouldn’t hurt either).

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Fashion 9-1-1 — Searching for the Perfect Turtle

Dear Abby and Elle: I’m looking for long sleeve tees and turtlenecks. I like them to be snug fitting for optimal layering. Where should I look? Also, I’m looking for cowl neck long-sleeved tees. Is there such a thing? — Chilly in Cleveland

Dear Chilly: We know turtlenecks, so you’ve come to the right place! Generally speaking, we love Lands’ End for turtlenecks. The quality is top-notch, the choices in terms of color, pattern and size are many, and they guarantee your purchase. Sign up for their email updates and you’ll get a daily deal — 40 percent one item, 20 percent off a whole order, free shipping and more.

Their descriptions are right on, so look for the word “fitted,” and don’t buy a shirt with a “relaxed fit.”

Lands' End fitted turtleneck

Lands’ End fitted turtleneck

Lands’ End does carry a couple of cowl tees, mock turtlenecks (which offer warmth without strangulation) and long-sleeved fitted tees.

Lands' End cowl tee

Lands’ End cowl tee

Lands' End fitted mock turtleneck

Lands’ End fitted mock turtleneck

Lands' End long-sleeved fitted tee

Lands’ End long-sleeved fitted tee

Good luck and stay warm!

Fashion’s Night Out, Cleveland!

By Abby and Elle

Halfway to Warrensville Heights, we decided that our fashion night out better be worth it. Not that it was that far away, but both of us were tired, and we didn’t know where we were going or what to expect when we got there.

When we arrived, however, we were tickled (and suddenly energized!). We stepped into a warehouse-sized space packed with new and funky fashions, all by local artists.  This tremendous collaborative is courtesy of The Republic of Artists, the brainchild of Jenn Christie Adams and Kimberley Osborne-Milstein.

“Kimmy and I have always enjoyed meeting artisans, finding what they are passionate about, collaborating and creating,” says Jenn. “We wanted to give artisans the opportunity to create a space that reflects their work and provide a fun environment to sell their pieces.”

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Here’s to Fashionably Healthy, Non-toxic Skin!

By Elle

Here’s a tip on a fabulous product that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals: Whipped Shea Butter, scented with mango — so amazing, I wish you could scratch and sniff the photo below! The main ingredient, shea butter, is a natural moisturizer that’s been used in Africa for centuries. I use a little on my neck, mainly for the scent, but also for its hydrating qualities.

Nomad Whipped Shea Butter

Nomad Whipped Shea Butter

I discovered this product, made by Nomad Ethnobotanicals, at the open-air market across from Cleveland’s West Side Market last year. The lovely woman who sells this and other shea-buttery products is there every Saturday from June until October, so be sure to pay her a visit if you’re in the area. The products are super-reasonably priced!

You can reduce your environmental exposure to harmful chemicals by avoiding parabens (look for anything that ends in “paraben”: propylparaben, benzylparaben, methylparaben and butylparaben), formaldehyde, phthalates and other nasties that are prevalent in many mainstream personal care products. For a wide variety of non-toxic options, Wholefoods is a great resource. I go there every few months and stock up on all the stuff I use.

And, of course, I delight when I stumble upon a great company like Nomad Ethnobotanicals!