Accessory Essentials

By Abby and Elle

The right accessories can help you do a lot with a little. You’ll be shocked how easy it is to change the look of an outfit just by adding accessories.

Some items to have in your closet:

  • Tights
  • Scarves
  • Belts

Tights  We love buying tights — we’re always on the lookout for them — and usually the funkier, the better. It’s easy to find tights on sale, so if we’re in a store — particularly a department store — we’ll usually check to see what they have. We’ve gotten very lucky shopping this way. We try not to pay more than $5/pair (Cleveland, Ohio, pricing).


We don’t have criteria for buying tights except size, of course. And we always have a couple pairs of basic plain black, grey and brown tights. Otherwise, it’s anything goes!


Fishnet-style tights are fun, but beware that they easily catch on things and rip. (Another reason not to pay handsomely for a pair.) Elle loves thick wooly tights for winter, which look especially nice with suede boots, short or tall. You also can dress up a pair of basic tights with over-the-knee socks (that is a dang sexy look, is it not?). She has a pair of plain grey OTK socks to wear with patterned tights, and a few pairs of patterned OTK socks to wear with plain tights.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Below is a terrific example of mixing striped thigh highs with a plaid skirt. Winner!


Scarves  What can we say except versatile, versatile, versatile! See these blog entries: Scarf This Down and Celebrating My Inner Gypsy for more on scarves.

Belts  We personally are not a big fan of belts — honestly, Elle believes they slow her down when she needs to use the restroom — but belts can be an important accessory, particularly if you’re wearing them over a shirt or dress, which we rarely do.

In any case, sometimes you need a belt, so it’s a good idea to have a couple, at least in a basic style, in black and in brown. Avoid wasting your money on trashy styles, though you can and should apply the “tights criteria” above to belt buying.

So tell us, which is your fave accessory?

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