My Funny Thrifting Story

By Elle

Some time ago I picked up a pink turtleneck at a thrift store outside of Ohio. I’d been in the market for one, so this find, for about $3 or $4 as I recall, was perfect. Although it didn’t have a tag on the inside, the size seemed right and the quality seemed above average. Deal!

It wasn’t until months and months later that I discovered a monogram on the collar. I hadn’t noticed it earlier because the monogram was pink; it blended right in. Still, I was embarrassed to wear a shirt with a monogram that wasn’t my own! I was bothered by it: The monogram made the shirt feel like it didn’t belong to me, as if the original owner had a chokehold on it.

On those occasions I chose to wear it, which were becoming rarer and rarer, I simply wore the collar scrunched rather than folded down. Eventually, my beloved pink turtleneck made its way to the back of my closet. An outcast. A misfit.

Some time later I was again thrifting, this time in a Cleveland-area shop. A crisp oxford caught my eye, as did the monogram. But not just any monogram. It was the same monogram as the one on my pink turtleneck. Impossible! Who was this person with all the monogrammed clothing that ended up in thrift shops around the Midwest?

My eye went right to the label: Ralph Lauren. Monogram: RLL. Aha. Sudden realization (or two): 1) I’m a moron; 2) I can salvage my pink turtleneck from misfit island — and wear it smugly!

So Abby and I have to know: How often do you thrift shop? (And we encourage you to share your funny stories!)

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