Fashion Show: See the Video Recap

Abby and ElleBy Abby and Elle

If you missed the Good Style Fashion Show this year, you can catch our collection, called Cleveland Staycation, in the short video below. This was our third year participating in the show, which features Goodwill finds made fresh for the runway.

Here’s our lineup, in order of appearance, with the cost of the outfit noted:

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Model: Jillian (aka Abby)
Total Cost: $22

Goodtime III
Model: Kalana
Total Cost: $32

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Models: Alicia, Emily and Tyler
Total Cost: $25

Greater Cleveland Aquarium
Model: Ava
Total Cost: $12.50

Great Lakes Science Center
Model: Noah
Total Cost: $12

Hessler Street Fair
Model: Bailey
Total Cost: $13

United Skates
Model: Brenna
Total Cost: $7.50

West Side Market
Model: Laura (aka Elle)
Total Cost: $4

Cleveland Orchestra
Model: Katie
Total Cost: $20

Picture This: An Orange Barrel Outfit

By Abby and Elle
You don’t have to picture it; we moved the orange barrel off the road and onto the runway. How come? Because our theme for this year’s Good Style Fashion Show was Cleveland seasons, and we all know that Orange Barrel is an official season in Northeast Ohio.

The other official season (because there are only two) is winter, and our segment of the show was introduced by, who else, our very own and unforgettable Polar Vortex.

As you might expect, summer barely showed up in the show. Kayleen, who was one of our “summer” models, was feeling under the weather that evening so she wasn’t able to make it. Translation: Short summer for Cleveland — sadness!

Check out the fashion show photos, and let us know which one you like best!

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Thrift Finds

By Elle

Who doesn’t love cashing in on a crazy-good deal, especially in uncertain economic times? Abby and I love few things more than finding something we suddenly can’t live without, for a fraction of the retail price.

Knit top from Free People

Knit top from Free People

When I thrift, I love to look for two things: 1) wardrobe staples, and 2) unique items. You can easily find these staples at resale shops:

  • jeans/slacks
  • turtlenecks
  • cardigans
  • oxford shirts
  • purses

Here’s just a short list of bargains (and the prices as I recall them) that I’ve found on recent thrifting expeditions in Cleveland:

  • Brooks Brothers wool/cashmere sweater in cream ($14)
  • Tommy Hilfiger zip-front sweater in red ($10)
  • Talbots plaid pants ($12 or $14)
  • Pendleton zip-front sweater vest in white ($12)
  • Kenneth Cole jeans ($14)
  • Nine West backpack purse in black (which one of my friends covets, though she can stop now: I had to throw it away because it finally fell apart from overuse!) ($12)
  • Free People knit top ($8)
  • Liz Claiborne purse in black with external white stitching (matches my boots!) ($20)
Brooks Bros. sweater

Brooks Bros. sweater

Remember, whenever you’re thrifting, check your items carefully. Be on the lookout for small tears, missing buttons, tiny stains and the like. This is true even in the best resale shops. They’re not trying to pull a fast one; they miss things, too.

Liz Claiborne purse: note matching external stitching on boots

Liz Claiborne purse: note matching external stitching on boots

So if you haven’t tried thrifting, give it a whirl.

Oh, and Abby and I would be happy to come along….

My Funny Thrifting Story

By Elle

Some time ago I picked up a pink turtleneck at a thrift store outside of Ohio. I’d been in the market for one, so this find, for about $3 or $4 as I recall, was perfect. Although it didn’t have a tag on the inside, the size seemed right and the quality seemed above average. Deal!

It wasn’t until months and months later that I discovered a monogram on the collar. I hadn’t noticed it earlier because the monogram was pink; it blended right in. Still, I was embarrassed to wear a shirt with a monogram that wasn’t my own! I was bothered by it: The monogram made the shirt feel like it didn’t belong to me, as if the original owner had a chokehold on it.

On those occasions I chose to wear it, which were becoming rarer and rarer, I simply wore the collar scrunched rather than folded down. Eventually, my beloved pink turtleneck made its way to the back of my closet. An outcast. A misfit.

Some time later I was again thrifting, this time in a Cleveland-area shop. A crisp oxford caught my eye, as did the monogram. But not just any monogram. It was the same monogram as the one on my pink turtleneck. Impossible! Who was this person with all the monogrammed clothing that ended up in thrift shops around the Midwest?

My eye went right to the label: Ralph Lauren. Monogram: RLL. Aha. Sudden realization (or two): 1) I’m a moron; 2) I can salvage my pink turtleneck from misfit island — and wear it smugly!

So Abby and I have to know: How often do you thrift shop? (And we encourage you to share your funny stories!)