How not to procrastinate the way fall 2017 did

By Abby and Elle

Abby wearing fall outfitNow that the leaves have changed colors, we feel like fall has finally arrived. That got us thinking about procrastination and how easy it is to put things off. (This blog post has been on our to-do list for two weeks!) We decided the problem wasn’t with us; it was with our to-do list. (Phew, we’re still perfect!)

So we are now thinking about and managing our list in a different way to prevent us from procrastinating and experiencing the dread associated with a to-do list that goes from baby to monster in just a few days.

Here’s the simple solution that we know works because you’re reading this post! 

Break down tasks into steps. Instead of writing down “organize closet,” which sounds like an all-day (thankless) job and doesn’t offer a clear starting point, think about the steps involved in organizing the closet and make those your to-do list. Using the closet example, your list should look something like this:

Closet organization

  1. Sort closet contents into three bins: keep, discard, donate
  2. Identify needed storage items (e.g., bins, baskets, shoe racks, hooks, hangers) to buy
  3. Shop for needed storage items
  4. Drop off donations
  5. Reassemble closet

Reframe the way you think about multi-step, complex tasks such as “organize closet,” “paint the bathroom” and “blog about fall outfit.” Treat them like goals. Then, by determining the steps involved in reaching the goal, you develop a manageable, actionable to-do list, with a clear starting point. (How many times have you faced a project and said, “I just don’t know where to start?” That lack of clarity leads directly to procrastination and, we think, possibly to hell.)

Don’t be put off by the length of the list.  The individual steps, though many, feel doable because they are singular in purpose. Another benefit of organizing your to-do list this way is that you can check off the steps as you complete them, giving you a sense of progress and accomplishment. Celebrate each one as you complete it and you’ll soon have a joy-filled life!

Abby wearing fall outfit

Abby wearing fall outfit

Abby wearing a Bob Mackie shawl cardigan in fall colors. Tall brown boots over jeans work perfectly with this outfit.

Abby wearing fall outfit

Abby wearing fall outfit
Abby wearing fall outfit
Abby wearing fall outfit

We’re delighted to (finally) bring you this fall fashion post. Tell us: How do you overcome procrastination?

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