At Home in the Zen Garden

Next we placed pavers in a simple pattern, filled the space with river rock.

By Elle

We finally finished creating our Zen garden, which is this nifty alcove in front of the house. Prior to our redo, the space was blah. It housed a wall of burning bushes, a rhododendron and a crapload of weeds. But it had the potential to be fabulous!

We envisioned a calm, serene space that would require little to no maintenance. So we starting buying rocks. (BTW, if you need a reasonable quantity of rocks (i.e., not a truckload), Lowe’s and Home Depot sell their busted bags for half off; it’s quite the deal. They’ll even rebag them or tape the holes so you don’t wind up with a car full of loose rocks.) Then we slowly added some plants and a few decorative items, keeping in mind we wanted the space to feel clean and minimal. Not entirely sure we pulled that off, but the space is definitely welcoming and peaceful. Continue reading