My New Swimsuit is as Old as My Mother

By Abby

Swimsuit season is in full swing, and I thought I’d mention that being comfortable is more important than having the latest swimwear style. All over the TV, internet and magazines are stick models in the tiniest of bikinis or barely-there one-pieces. swim2
Most women do not look like the models pictured here, so we don’t necessarily look good in the same style swimsuits. I have had the same string bikini since high school and it was time for a change. Since I don’t have the same body I did in high school, I shouldn’t be wearing the same swimsuit. I was uncomfortable in it because it didn’t look good on me anymore.

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Vintage Clothing: Never Been Worn!

By Abby and Elle

Midwest Manufacturing kimono

Brightly colored kimono from Midwest Manufacturing

If you love vintage clothing but loathe the idea that someone else’s body had been all up inside of it, you’re in luck.

Midwest Manufacturing Company is selling never-been-worn “American vintage knitwear.”

Their inventory is from dead stock and dates back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s (yikes, is 80s stuff really considered vintage?!).

The clothing, which includes skirts, dresses, tops, jackets and sweaters, was originally manufactured for a number of retailers that none of us can remember, but your mom probably would.

Go treasure hunting on their Etsy site. Don’t be alarmed at the limited inventory though. According to the site, they rotate their stock, adding new old stuff all the time. Happy hunting!