Trend alert: Pattern Mixing

Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design mixed patterns

Elle favors this warm-weather combo of polka dots and lace.

By Abby and Elle
The change of seasons always offers an opportunity to shake things up, and if you’re like us, you prefer to shake things up in small, low-risk ways, such as trying a new cocktail or swearing off Facebook for a week, because what’s the worst that can happen?  Exactly.  Continue reading

Sexy Fashion Trend: Bralette

By Abby

yoins-braletteSo our sex lives can get a little crazy from time to time, and by crazy I mean it disappears. So whether you are experiencing a natural decrease in those helpful reproductive hormones or have kids that just suck the life out of you…sex can be challenging.

We keep our eyes open for things that might give our sex lives a boost. Lucky for us one of this year’s fashion trends happens to be very sexy and practical. The bralette is a bra, lingerie, and a crop top all in one.

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A fall trend to get ruffled about

By Abby and Elle

As we work on this 200th or so blog post, we’re acknowledging that life is too dang busy. Sometimes we’re too busy to write (and more time passes between posts than we’d like), and we know you’re sometimes too busy to read, especially if you’re using all your reading time to keep up with that minor matter called the Presidential Election.

Maybe that’s why we’re feeling so overwhelmed…. Continue reading

Migrate into Fall

By Abby and Elle

Whoa, big diff in temperatures between last week and this week — fall has definitely arrived. What we love about this fall collection is that it pays homage to the beautiful Monarch butterfly, which, to us, symbolizes summer. (Ah, summer. If it could only be summer always….)

Brighten your fall with bursts of bright orange and rich golden yellows, the brilliant colors that bridge the seasons and help us migrate from summer to fall.

PS: Speaking of, in our humble opinion, nothing helps the migration from fall to winter except a good stiff drink.

Migrate into Fall