Wolf or Witch?

By Abby

Halloween is just around the corner, and you were probably invited to a costume party, right? Well, I hate spending money on something I will only wear once, especially on something as silly as a Halloween costume. So I use the clothes I already have and buy that one thing that will turn my outfit from cute to costume.

Yeah it’s that easy.

Take a look at the examples below. Turn your furry grey coat and boots into the Big Bad Wolf by adding dog ears. Or turn that cute black ensemble into a witch costume by adding striped stockings or a pointy hat.

Happy Haunting!

Wolf or Witch?


Spring 2013 Fashion Week

By Abby and Elle

What’s new for spring in the fashion world? Ruffles, baby doll dresses, black and white stripes, cutout patterns, embellishments, crop-tops,┬ádrop-waist dresses, leather, Asian-inspired patterns and lots of girly lace and macrame. Here’s to Spring!

Spring 2013 Fashion Week