Fashion 9-1-1 — Searching for the Perfect Turtle

Dear Abby and Elle: I’m looking for long sleeve tees and turtlenecks. I like them to be snug fitting for optimal layering. Where should I look? Also, I’m looking for cowl neck long-sleeved tees. Is there such a thing? — Chilly in Cleveland

Dear Chilly: We know turtlenecks, so you’ve come to the right place! Generally speaking, we love Lands’ End for turtlenecks. The quality is top-notch, the choices in terms of color, pattern and size are many, and they guarantee your purchase. Sign up for their email updates and you’ll get a daily deal — 40 percent one item, 20 percent off a whole order, free shipping and more.

Their descriptions are right on, so look for the word “fitted,” and don’t buy a shirt with a “relaxed fit.”

Lands' End fitted turtleneck

Lands’ End fitted turtleneck

Lands’ End does carry a couple of cowl tees, mock turtlenecks (which offer warmth without strangulation) and long-sleeved fitted tees.

Lands' End cowl tee

Lands’ End cowl tee

Lands' End fitted mock turtleneck

Lands’ End fitted mock turtleneck

Lands' End long-sleeved fitted tee

Lands’ End long-sleeved fitted tee

Good luck and stay warm!

Earth-friendly Fashion

By Abby and Elle

If you’re looking for clothing that’s durable, versatile and friendlier to the environment than cotton, consider hemp. Its fibers are versatile enough to be woven into material as coarse as rope or as soft as silk. Hemp requires fewer, if any, pesticides to grow, and the crops are sustainable.

While there’s no shortage it seems of hemp t-shirts and hoodies, some companies are designing outside the “Bohemian box.” We found some unique fashions at The Hempest:

Hempest dress

Dress from The Hempest

Hempest lavender dress

Dress from The Hempest

Hempest sweater

Sweater from The Hempest

Hempest coat

Mid-thigh coat from The Hempest

In our search for sustainable clothing, we also discovered the miracle of soy. Because we’re vegetarians, we’ve long joked about the many uses for soy. (Somewhere we have a cartoon clipping of a woman wearing a belt, purse and shoes made from tofu.) So stay tuned: We’ll share our soy fashion finds with you next time!