Perfect picnic pants

By Elle
Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design

I’ve been waiting all summer to have a picnic just so I could wear these Ralph Lauren cropped gingham pants. I love picnics, and it’s been our family tradition — at least three generation’s worth — to picnic every summer, usually at the Cleveland Metroparks South Chagrin Reservation.

When I was a girl, I loved walking the creek that ran alongside the picnic area. I’d secretly pretend I was an Indian being hunted by the white man (aka my brother and his two annoying friends). In bare feet, I’d jump from rock to rock as quietly as I could. I’d slip behind trees and wait until they passed. If I returned to my tribe (aka family members engrossed in a game of pinochle) without the white man spotting me, the day was a success and I’d celebrate with an extra helping of mom’s most excellent potato salad. Continue reading

Good Style Fashion Show

By Abby

Stylish Goodwill find

Stylish Goodwill find

What does Goodwill know about fashion? Well you might not know but Goodwill puts on a fashion show every year.  I spoke with Robyn Steinmetz, Marketing Manager at Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland & East Central Ohio, who said, “Our team was looking for a ‘feature event’ to hold in the Cleveland area that would truly highlight the amazing merchandise that you can find in a Goodwill store.” Goodwill works in tandem with Ursuline fashion design students to take thrift finds and turn them into runway-worthy pieces.

But, again, what does Goodwill know about fashion? It’s in the name of their show: Good Style. Love that, and here’s why: Style is different than fashion. Style is something that develops from the inside and then shows on the outside. Fashion, on the other hand, can be bought. Style is the ability to eye an item and know you’ll look — and feel — great in it. And because you look and feel great, you present yourself with confidence. That’s style. Fashion is about trends, which can translate into often wearing things that really don’t suit your body or perhaps your personality. Just because Goodwill sells second-hand items, doesn’t mean it’s not jampacked with style. It’s all in what you choose and how you put it together; to wit, the Ralph Lauren short-sleeved turtleneck and a Tapemeasure open-knit top, both found at the same time at a local Goodwill. The look is completed with silk scarf with an Asian-influenced print.

Even though “fashion” is in the name of our blog, what we’re really talking about is style. We’ll be attending the Good Style Fashion Show this Thursday, May 3. Afterward we’ll share how it went and all the great items we saw.