Is Your Closet a Wreck?

By Elle

Personally, I can’t function in chaos. Everything — well, most everything — in my life is neatly organized so that I can be as efficient as possible. And it’s a feng shui thing. From my desk and email inboxes to jewelry chest and purse, everything is categorized, filed, put in its rightful place. Same with my closet.

If your closet is a disaster, try these tips to help you get feng shui-ified:

  1. Organize by season. If possible, move your out-of-season clothing to another closet. That way, you can ignore your out-of-season items for months. Bonus: When you see them again, they’ll feel brand new! Or at least gently used.
  2. Next, organize by item. Slacks on one side, skirts on another, shirts in the middle. Or whatever order makes you feel happy. The point is to group like items together.
  3. Within each group, organize by style. Shirts are together, but turtlenecks and oxfords are subcategories, cohabitating nicely.
  4. Again, within each group, organize by length. Long skirts to short skirts; long-sleeved shirts to short-sleeved shirts.
  5. Finally, within each subgroup, organize by color. So all short black skirts together, short brown skirts together, black turtlenecks together, and so on.
Turtlenecks organized by color

Turtlenecks organized by color

Sounds a little obsessive, I know. But once done it’s easy to maintain, and it will save you gobs of time trying to figure out what to wear.

That said, I haven’t yet found a solution to organizing all my scarves. Any ideas?