Which Style Are You?

By Abby and Elle

We love how everyone has their own unique style. For example, I, Abby, love to be comfy and sexy at the same time. The style that does it the best is Boho. I can relax in my jeans and still show off my valuable assets (aka Man Teasers). I also like color, lots of color — hello, rainbow!

I, Elle, most often love to look girly — slap a bow on me any day of the week — but with a twist of funk.

Enough of our insanity. Share your style in the poll below!


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Drunken Lunch Coming Up? There are Shoes for That

By Abby and Elle

Nine West’s recent advertising campaign has caused quite a hubbub, stirring up strong opinions across the globe.

Nine West claims to have a shoe for all of life’s special occasions such as a starter-husband hunt, a Drunch (that’s a drunken lunch or brunch, depending on whom you ask), baby’s first day of kindergarten and the anticipatory walk of shame. We actually didn’t know what that meant and had to look it up. (Praise be to Google.)

Take a look at Nine West’s ads here, and then tell us what you think.

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Warm Up With Some Love

By Abby and Elle
We’re so happy January is over — woo hoo! A solid month of nasty winter is now behind us and, although February may (quite likely) serve up some frigid temperatures of its own, we are staying focused on Valentine’s Day.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. How we adore the overflowing bouquets of roses, assorted chocolates in fussy boxes, vintage Valentines covered in lace, candy hearts that ask “Got Luv?,” cookies decorated in x’s and o’s, and all of it splashed in racy reds and precious pinks. We feel warmer already!

Valentine's Day

Whether you have a quiet evening at home, grab dinner and a movie, or celebrate in high style, we wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day with your heart’s desire.