Fashion 9-1-1 — Back to the ’60s

color-block-dress-macysDear Abby and Elle: I’m invited to a ’60s-themed holiday party. Any suggestions on some outfits and where to shop? I’m not looking for a groovy outfit; I’d like something classic that can be worn again. –Classic Chick

Dear Classic: You are in luck because so many ’60s styles are in fashion, from color-block dresses and pencil pants to funky tights. When you’re shopping, try to choose bright colors or soft pastels. You can’t go wrong with earthy colors, such as green, brown and orange, which were made popular during the ’60s thanks to the hippies. Continue reading

Coats, Coats, Coats!

By Abby and Elle

We have a small obsession with coats, and winter is the perfect season to indulge. One can choose to blend in with the sea of black and dark grey wools and trenches, which blend in so perfectly with the sullied snow and ice so common this time of year, or stand out in an absolutely fantastic coat.

If you ask us (and we know you were thinking about it), you need at least three winter coats — though we would never dream of limiting ourselves to just three. But if you could have only three (God forbid), here’s a solid list:

  • Down coat for outdoor activities
  • Mid-thigh or knee-length coat for general out and about
  • Fabulously fancy coat for special cold-weather occasions

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