Aging demands color — and a home remedy for nocturia

By Elle

We’ve been terrible about keeping up with our blog, but it’s not for lack of interest or enthusiasm. Rather, we’ve been dealing with elderly parents, which naturally gets one thinking about how we age and if there is such a thing as aging gracefully. Continue reading

Are handbags on the way out?

Abby and Elle Upstairs Fashion

One of Elle’s fave handbags: a vintage 50s/60s box purse, grey with paisley interior and lucite handle

By Abby

Are handbags on the way out? Neither of us has bought a purse in a long, long time, and the handbags we do own have been sitting quietly in our closets, just waiting for the word to make a public appearance.

So here’s our confession: We both carry around the same bag every day, regardless of whether or not it matches what we’re wearing. (We try to change it up if we have somewhere extra-special to go, but even then….) Continue reading

A fall trend to get ruffled about

By Abby and Elle

As we work on this 200th or so blog post, we’re acknowledging that life is too dang busy. Sometimes we’re too busy to write (and more time passes between posts than we’d like), and we know you’re sometimes too busy to read, especially if you’re using all your reading time to keep up with that minor matter called the Presidential Election.

Maybe that’s why we’re feeling so overwhelmed…. Continue reading

Which Style Are You?

By Abby and Elle

We love how everyone has their own unique style. For example, I, Abby, love to be comfy and sexy at the same time. The style that does it the best is Boho. I can relax in my jeans and still show off my valuable assets (aka Man Teasers). I also like color, lots of color — hello, rainbow!

I, Elle, most often love to look girly — slap a bow on me any day of the week — but with a twist of funk.

Enough of our insanity. Share your style in the poll below!


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