Aging demands color — and a home remedy for nocturia

By Elle

We’ve been terrible about keeping up with our blog, but it’s not for lack of interest or enthusiasm. Rather, we’ve been dealing with elderly parents, which naturally gets one thinking about how we age and if there is such a thing as aging gracefully. Continue reading

My official spring dress

Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design | Uncle Frank grey embroidered cotton dressBy Elle

This grey cotton embroidered dress from Uncle Frank has become my official spring dress. I bought it several years ago from Green Roots Collection, wondering at the time if it was maybe a little too funky (this is Cleveland, after all), but that’s how I roll.

I gravitate toward this dress during early spring — probably because of the bright flowers — and at least once a season I wear it to our favorite pancake breakfast spot, at West Geauga High School in Chesterland. Turns out it’s also my official naturalization ceremony dress.  Continue reading

Celebrating My Inner Gypsy

By Elle

Found this Knitted Dove dress at Green Roots Collection at Cleveland Clinic last week. Not only was the dress on sale (60% off!), but I was also celebrating my birthday that day, and what better gift to give myself than a lovely new dress.

When I brought it home, my boyfriend, who was in the process of preparing a six-course beer-paired birthday dinner — crazy delish! — was all smiles. (For some reason, he loves it when I treat myself.)

I love the embroidered front on this dress and the slight grey ruffle, which gives the dress a peasant, gypsy feel.

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