Sexy Fashion Trend: Bralette

By Abby

yoins-braletteSo our sex lives can get a little crazy from time to time, and by crazy I mean it disappears. So whether you are experiencing a natural decrease¬†in those helpful reproductive hormones or have kids that just suck the life out of you…sex can be challenging.

We keep our eyes open for things that might give our sex lives a boost. Lucky for us one of this year’s fashion trends happens to be very sexy and practical. The bralette is a bra, lingerie, and a crop top all in one.

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Spring 2013 Fashion Week

By Abby and Elle

What’s new for spring in the fashion world? Ruffles, baby doll dresses, black and white stripes, cutout patterns, embellishments, crop-tops,¬†drop-waist dresses, leather, Asian-inspired patterns and lots of girly lace and macrame. Here’s to Spring!

Spring 2013 Fashion Week