By Abby and Elle
Remember how exciting it was the first time you rode in an airplane, kissed your boyfriend or stayed up all night just to watch the sun rise? That feeling of awe, like an emotional orgasm, feeds your heart and soul, and cements the memory.

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Fashion Show: See the Video Recap

Abby and ElleBy Abby and Elle

If you missed the Good Style Fashion Show this year, you can catch our collection, called Cleveland Staycation, in the short video below. This was our third year participating in the show, which features Goodwill finds made fresh for the runway.

Here’s our lineup, in order of appearance, with the cost of the outfit noted:

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Model: Jillian (aka Abby)
Total Cost: $22

Goodtime III
Model: Kalana
Total Cost: $32

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Models: Alicia, Emily and Tyler
Total Cost: $25

Greater Cleveland Aquarium
Model: Ava
Total Cost: $12.50

Great Lakes Science Center
Model: Noah
Total Cost: $12

Hessler Street Fair
Model: Bailey
Total Cost: $13

United Skates
Model: Brenna
Total Cost: $7.50

West Side Market
Model: Laura (aka Elle)
Total Cost: $4

Cleveland Orchestra
Model: Katie
Total Cost: $20

Last Chance! Ticket Giveaway

By Abby and Elle

The Good Style Fashion Show is next Thursday, May 7, and you still have a chance to win a pair of tickets. But you have to act fast; the contest closes this Thursday, April 30, at midnight (Eastern Daylight Time).

For a chance to win, guess how much we paid for this Vertigo Paris jacket from Goodwill. Whoever guesses the closest wins.

If you haven’t yet submitted a guess, you have three days left!

Vertigo Paris jacket

Vertigo Paris jacket

Win Tix to the Good Style Fashion Show!

By Abby and Elle

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the 5th Annual Good Style Fashion Show on Thursday, May 7.  The only thing you have to do is guess how much we paid for a piece we’ll be using in the show. (Not in the mood to try your luck? Just go ahead and purchase your tickets.)

Our theme for this year is Cleveland Staycation, and we’ve put together outfits for many of the top “things to do” around town such as the Cleveland Orchestra, Great Lakes Science Museum, Metroparks Zoo, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Hessler Street Fair and more. You can see our collection as well as the collections of several other local fashion bloggers on the runway.

OK, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for:

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Picture This: An Orange Barrel Outfit

By Abby and Elle
You don’t have to picture it; we moved the orange barrel off the road and onto the runway. How come? Because our theme for this year’s Good Style Fashion Show was Cleveland seasons, and we all know that Orange Barrel is an official season in Northeast Ohio.

The other official season (because there are only two) is winter, and our segment of the show was introduced by, who else, our very own and unforgettable Polar Vortex.

As you might expect, summer barely showed up in the show. Kayleen, who was one of our “summer” models, was feeling under the weather that evening so she wasn’t able to make it. Translation: Short summer for Cleveland — sadness!

Check out the fashion show photos, and let us know which one you like best!

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