Winter Boots: Pretty or Prudent?

By Abby and Elle

When shopping for boots everyone loves a cutie. But cuties may have you doing accidental backflips on icy pavement, especially if you live here in Northeast Ohio (or anywhere else that gets more than four inches of snow every winter).

So we put together a collection of some super-cute boots alongside their more practical counterparts. This way, you can maintain your fashionista status while staying upright and out of a body cast.

Let it snow!

Winter Boots


Fashion Show: See the Video Recap

Abby and ElleBy Abby and Elle

If you missed the Good Style Fashion Show this year, you can catch our collection, called Cleveland Staycation, in the short video below. This was our third year participating in the show, which features Goodwill finds made fresh for the runway.

Here’s our lineup, in order of appearance, with the cost of the outfit noted:

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Model: Jillian (aka Abby)
Total Cost: $22

Goodtime III
Model: Kalana
Total Cost: $32

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Models: Alicia, Emily and Tyler
Total Cost: $25

Greater Cleveland Aquarium
Model: Ava
Total Cost: $12.50

Great Lakes Science Center
Model: Noah
Total Cost: $12

Hessler Street Fair
Model: Bailey
Total Cost: $13

United Skates
Model: Brenna
Total Cost: $7.50

West Side Market
Model: Laura (aka Elle)
Total Cost: $4

Cleveland Orchestra
Model: Katie
Total Cost: $20

Last Chance! Ticket Giveaway

By Abby and Elle

The Good Style Fashion Show is next Thursday, May 7, and you still have a chance to win a pair of tickets. But you have to act fast; the contest closes this Thursday, April 30, at midnight (Eastern Daylight Time).

For a chance to win, guess how much we paid for this Vertigo Paris jacket from Goodwill. Whoever guesses the closest wins.

If you haven’t yet submitted a guess, you have three days left!

Vertigo Paris jacket

Vertigo Paris jacket

Fall Rain Fall

By Abby

It seems like this Fall has been rather wet. I’ve been wearing my raincoat nearly every day for the past two weeks.

Now I don’t know about you but my raincoat is basic black. As we all know, black doesn’t have to mean boring. To avoid the bland, shake up your black with some funk. Take these funky shaped umbrellas for example.

Fall Rain

Why I Bought It #2

By Abby

Several years ago I was browsing through Passport to Peru, and I fell in love. I fell in love with a floor-length black skirt. Unfortunately it was many sizes too big. I bought it anyway. The skirt is wrap-around so I figured I could just tie it tight enough not to fall off. Luckily that has worked for me all these years.

Cotton skirt (note the accidental tie-dyed bottom)

Cotton skirt (note the accidental tie-dyed bottom)

I bought the skirt because I fell in love with the design. It has a grey wave across the bottom and stitching that mirrors the shape of the leafy pattern above it. It reminds me of the sea, a night storm approaching.

The first time I washed it some of the black bled out. Most often, laundry accidents are not good surprises. This time I was fine with it. The bleeding created a tie-dyed effect on the grey area. Although I think it distracts from the stitching, I rather like a tie-dyed look.

The other reason I love this skirt is its versatility. It can be:

Casual: The skirt is perfect for summer evenings or going to the pool. I wear it with black tank tops, bikinis and sandals.

Formal: It can be dressed up when paired with a black silk blouse and heels.

If you come across a great fashion find like mine, don’t limit yourself to it being only casual or only formal. Mix it up a bit and have some fun!