Replicate: Gucci Embellished Top Handle Bag

Fashion blogger Mandi from The Style Chimera uncovers the best deals!

The Style Chimera

I’m totally in love with this bag!  Gucci has a bunch of different versions and I found a bunch of dupes to match.  Now I just have to decide on one…

Picture116Left / Right

Here are some different versions from Amazon that I also think are really cute.  Each of them is $35.


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School days, school days, dear old Golden Rule days

By Elle

When I was an adolescent and pre-teen, my limited wardrobe consisted mainly of patched jeans and rock concert t-shirts, and because I went to public schools, that’s what I wore. Although I didn’t mind (and probably preferred it at the time), I’ve always been smitten with the look of school uniforms: perfectly pleated plaid skirts, crisp white collared shirts, neat cardigans and loafers to tie it all together. So when I bought this black and white schoolgirl skirt at a thrift store recently, I began to reflect on education and how lucky we in this country are to have access to schools. Continue reading

Starfish and Coffee

By Abby

My daughter fawning over a pink purse.

My daughter entered pre-school this fall, so naturally I’m getting to know other moms from my area. One mother in particular, a kindred spirit, told me about a local coffee shop. I like to support local businesses so I dropped by one afternoon and fell in love, even before I opened the door. Continue reading