Fashion 9-1-1 — I’m a tummy flasher

duluth-trading-company-no-yank-tank-tug-of-war-large-2Dear Abby and Elle: I have a fashion crisis on my hands! Actually the crisis is around my mid-section. I can’t, for the life of me, get my shirts to stop riding up and showing my spare tire to the world. I wouldn’t say I’m fat, but I’ve got some pudge. Whether I’m walking, standing or sitting, my shirts decide to creep up and let it all hang out. What’s the deal, and what can I do?  -Riding High

Dear Riding High: We hate to admit it, but we sometimes have the same problem, particularly with camisoles. The obvious solution is to tuck in your shirt, but we’re assuming that you are talking about shirts that either don’t tuck or shouldn’t be tucked.

Thus, we have three possible solutions for you: Continue reading

Fashion 9-1-1 — Back to the ’60s

color-block-dress-macysDear Abby and Elle: I’m invited to a ’60s-themed holiday party. Any suggestions on some outfits and where to shop? I’m not looking for a groovy outfit; I’d like something classic that can be worn again. –Classic Chick

Dear Classic: You are in luck because so many ’60s styles are in fashion, from color-block dresses and pencil pants to funky tights. When you’re shopping, try to choose bright colors or soft pastels. You can’t go wrong with earthy colors, such as green, brown and orange, which were made popular during the ’60s thanks to the hippies. Continue reading

Fashion 9-1-1 — Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

Dear Abby and Elle: Ok…Ok…Ok… I am so excited! I get to spend a week at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas. The only problem is my luggage is small. Since I want to save all the money I can to lay down on the tables, buying new luggage is out. Can you help me pack smart and chic? I want to experience everything the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and the city have to offer — day and night. Thanks for your help! — So Freakin’ Excited

Dear Excited: You are in luck (and we hope your luck continues at the casinos!) because we recently returned from Italy and are in the right position to advise you. The thing about traveling is packing right. You can’t take your whole wardrobe with you, so you have to select key pieces and match them with the right accessories. In your case, we recommend taking a few more articles of clothing and fewer accessories, but accessories that can go with most of your outfits. Shoes are awkward to fit into luggage, so the fewer you can bring, the better.

As a rule, we don’t like to bring many valuables on vacation, on the off-chance they get stolen or our luggage gets lost. (Not that anything like that will happen to you, especially at the Cosmopolitan.) But it’s a good rule to follow. Take a look at the ensemble we put together. It gives you a completely different look from day to night, using the same accessories. Continue reading

Fashion 9-1-1 — White Wedding

Dear Abby and Elle: I have a country-chic wedding to go to, and I found what I consider the perfect dress but I’m not sure if I should wear it because it’s white. (Off-white, actually.) I’m going to this wedding as a “plus one;” I don’t know the bride or the groom, so I can’t simply call the bride to inquire. In my defense, the dress comes with a brown braided belt, and I was thinking of wearing a jean jacket with it. My question is: is it still considered bad taste to wear white to someone else’s wedding?  –Itchin’ to Wear White

Dear Itchin’:  What an excellent question this is, because fashion and etiquette rules evolve. What was once considered an absolute no-no years ago can be quite acceptable in 2014. Here’s what we can tell you…

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Fashion 9-1-1 — How to Top this Skirt?

Dear Abby and Elle: I got a great deal on a pink and white skirt but don’t have much to wear with it. I could, of course, top it off with a pink or white blouse and a white blazer, but that seems boring. Any ideas about how to spice it up? — Feeling Edgy  

Dear Feeling Edgy: We know just what you mean. We tend to live our lives predictably, doing what’s correct and what’s expected. We pay our bills on time, stop at red lights, hold the elevator door for old people. But sometimes we yearn to go totally wild! Throw caution to the wind! Shout, “Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead!”

Ah, but since we’re more or less civilized, we suppress those mad urges and match polka dots with stripes instead. But, to your question.

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