Rice balls and fall trends

By Elle

With the (oddly) cooler temps this week, I was excited to pull this silky Asian-inspired jacket out of my closet. I’ve long loved Asian design, and most rooms in my house feature some piece of Asian art or a Buddha, some of them gifts from our Japanese exchange students we hosted many, many years ago.

I still remember the day our first student, Kumiko, entered our home. She knew about as much English as I currently know Spanish. In other words, I know a lot of random words but am hard pressed to form a sentence any Spanish-speaking person would understand. Dios mio, it was a rough few weeks! We engaged in a lot of hand gestures and arm waving. And it wasn’t until she knew the English words for vacuum cleaner that she could fully explain how her family saved her grandmother from choking to death on a glutinous rice ball. True story.  (And if you don’t know how that could happen — the choking part, I mean — you’ve never eaten a glutinous rice ball.)

Before you get the idea that all things Asian are among the trends for fall, let me clarify. Florals (and I think my jacket qualifies as such) and fringe are still wildly popular and so are metallics and burgundy. “Cozy” clothing is also trending. Interpret that as you will.

Burgundy is a fall color trend for 2017. Pale pink is hot now, too, both for fashion and home decor. Pictured: burgundy shoes by Fidji.

Since burgundy is in, I thought what’s more perfect at the end of the day than a glass of burgundy wine? Why, only one served in a vintage floral champagne coupe that I most likely picked up from Goodwill. (Hint: If you need glassware, that’s the place to go.)

I paired my Asian jacket with this adorable Asian chime necklace, though it’s quite possible I’m wearing it backwards because I have no clue as to what it says. I really need to consult with one of my Asian colleagues at work.

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Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Rice balls and fall trends

  1. Why didn’t I know that you and your daughter have this blog?!? well, I do now 🙂 would love to go thrift shopping one day with you! — Amy M.

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