Save the date for a chance to see (and bid on) these metal-work fashions

By Abby and Elle

Local fashion designer Stephanie Nunn wowed us recently with her exquisite collection of metal-work fashions, some of which will be available for auction at an upcoming fashion fundraising event to benefit the Cleveland Sight Center and Prevent Blindness Ohio.

Born with progressive degenerative myopia, Stephanie has steadily been losing her physical vision  — she’s legally blind — but her fashion vision remains innovative and vibrant.

Stephanie, who is the CEO of the Nadira Collection, mainly knits and crochets, and has won several awards for her knitwear creations.  While it may seem surprising that someone who is legally blind can create exquisite designs with yarn, Stephanie says otherwise. “There’s a large number of people who are visually impaired who crochet. You don’t need vision; you can feel it.” Plus, she adds, crocheting is therapeutic.

Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design Nadira Collection

Stephanie has a pair of Hispanic women to thank for inspiring her to learn to crochet. As a child, she noticed the two women on the bus, passing the time by crocheting, hooks and fingers flitting like the wings of a hummingbird. Impressed with their talent, Stephanie asked for a crochet hook, yarn and a big doll, who could stand on her own, for her birthday. Since then, she has been dreaming up original designs and bringing them to life.

We were most interested in Stephanie’s metal-work pieces — her Hardware Collection — which were inspired by Lady Gaga, science fiction, and Greek and Egyptian textiles that look metallic and are adorned with stones. She uses 28-gauge wire and a variety of colorful beads and stones to create these one-of-a-kind fashions.

Stephanie anticipates offering about 25 pieces, including several pieces from her Hardware Collection, at “A Nite in Paris,” on Sun, Sept. 10, 2017. Purchase your tickets. We’ll definitely be there, supporting her work and hoping to get our hands on one of her originals!

Learn more about Stephanie in this video interview with WKYC:

Photo credit: Stephen Travarca

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