Why I dig tunics and how to “springify” a black outfit

By Elle
Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design tunic outfit

After years of being harassed online by Zulily, I finally succumbed and bought a few things, namely a black tunic and three pairs of leggings, only one of which I have in hand. The other two pairs are literally on that slow boat from China.

I’m kind of digging the tunic/legging look, probably because when you get to be my age (which means over 40 — all right, over 50, though I keep thinking I should tell people I’m nearly 70 because then I could really rake in the compliments and who doesn’t love those?), it seems that one’s middle begins to resist staying in that beloved hourglass shape. Sadness. Anyway, I now favor tunics.

Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design tunic outfit

So I wore my new black tunic with black pencil pants, but it felt so somber and so, I dunno, February. So I dug around in my giant drawer of scarves until I came across this bright number, with lots of orange, gold, blue and black.  I then dug out my Chartreuse Fidjis, a colorful complement to the entire outfit.
Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design tunic outfitDon’t be afraid to add splashes of color to an otherwise dark outfit, and don’t avoid wearing dark colors in the spring. It’s always tempting to push your black and brown clothing to the back of the closet once spring arrives, but there’s no need to. Offhand, I can’t think of any bright, springy colors that don’t look smashing with black. Orange, yellow, pink, mint green, lavender…so many just work.

Every day is a gift (I sound like I’m 70, no?), so get out there and have some fun with color!

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