What I Wore Today

By Abby 

Yesterday’s color of the day was yellow. I know, more than most, that yellow is not a very popular color for clothes. I had to change my idea for my wedding colors because no one wanted to wear yellow!
Gucci Sweater
I never really wore yellow before, thinking it was a color that looked better on darker skin tones than mine. I had very few articles of clothing that had any yellow in them at all.
I have every other color clothing that could possibly come up as the color of the day, expect yellow. So I went out looking for clothes in yellow.

I got a yellow Gucci sweater from Goodwill for seven bucks! I also purchased a yellow tank top for a $1.50! Thank you Goodwill!


My devoted husband braves all weather conditions to get me exactly what I want for Christmas. He went out Christmas shopping in a blizzard to get me the yellow necklace, pictured at left. Somehow he is always Christmas shopping in the middle of the storm of the century.

I wasn’t sure about wearing yellow at first but I put on a brave face and did it anyway. I’m glad I did though, because wearing the right color on the corresponding day lets me enjoy good luck and balance. You can find out what the color of the day is by visiting our Color of the Day page.

4 thoughts on “What I Wore Today

    • Thanks, Maria! Yellow is a hot color nowadays, but it hasn’t reached the average person yet. The necklace really works because most people will consider a pop of yellow instead of a whole outfit in it.

  1. Looks great on you. Funny, the designer who just won Project Runway was big into yellow so we might be seeing more of it. Also saw a lot of yellow on the runway at the Golden Globes. 🙂

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