Pantone Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

By Abby and Elle
Here on the far east side of Cleveland, we’re shivering, looking at several inches of new snow and yearning to see the green, green grass of spring, or at least a muddy patch or three.

Along comes Pantone to save the day with its hopeful color of the year: greenery!  If you’re shopping for something in greenery and can’t recall the exact shade, just think of the gem peridot or green grapes.  Or we reckon you can always Google it, the solution for all of life’s mysteries.

Pantone Color of the Year 2017: Greenery


If you don’t have any greenery in your closet, we recommend doing a sweep of your local thrift stores before hitting the mall or shopping online. After all, what’s greener that recycling/reusing? Enjoy!

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