Fashion 9-1-1 — Back to the ’60s

color-block-dress-macysDear Abby and Elle: I’m invited to a ’60s-themed holiday party. Any suggestions on some outfits and where to shop? I’m not looking for a groovy outfit; I’d like something classic that can be worn again. –Classic Chick

Dear Classic: You are in luck because so many ’60s styles are in fashion, from color-block dresses and pencil pants to funky tights. When you’re shopping, try to choose bright colors or soft pastels. You can’t go wrong with earthy colors, such as green, brown and orange, which were made popular during the ’60s thanks to the hippies.

Some outfit ideaspillbox-hat-twinkledeals

  • For a casual look, try pencil pants with a pullover sweater, polo shirt or oxford. Choose loafers or kitten heels.
  • Peasant-style tops are popular now since they pair perfectly with leggings. Pair a peasant top with jeans and Birkenstocks.
  • For a dressier look, try a color-block mini dress with brightly colored tights or fishnet hose. Choose brightly colored kitten heels or go-go boots.
  • You can easily find a sweater mini dress that you can pair with brightly colored tights. Wear go-go boots, or try knee socks with heeled loafers.
  • Go timeless with a little black dress paired with long-sleeved black gloves, pearls, pillbox hat and kitten heels.


Remember to accessorize!
Here’s where you can have even more fun:

  • Go for any kind of brightly colored, plastic jewelry, especially big shapes, patterns and florals.
  • Wear a headband, or if your hair is long enough, style it into a flip.
  • Put a bow on it. Add a bow to your hair, or choose a dress or blouse with a bow.

Places to shop online and around Cleveland
ASOS (especially for tights)
This Way Out (below Beachland Ballroom)
Flower Child
Sweet Lorain

You can always search Etsy, too, for some interesting vintage finds.

We love ’60s fashion. Check out vintagedancer if you’re interested in a fashion history from the 60s, along with other decades, as well as outfit ideas and links.

Readers, any other ideas?

Your party sounds like a blast, Classic Chick. Have a far-out time!

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