DIY Halloween Costume

By Abby

Witchy WomanHere at Abby and Elle, we don’t like to purchase Halloween costumes if we don’t have to. We would much rather assemble a fitting outfit and turn it into a Halloween costume by adding a few simple accessories. (Obviously I grew up in a cash-strapped household.)

As you can see in the photo, I paired a witch hat fascinator with a purple blouse, and bam! I was ready for that Halloween party. Conversely, I could remove the fascinator and not look like I’m doing anything related to Halloween.

You can be any number of things for Halloween with the right accessories. Below are three examples of what you can become by starting with a simple black dress: a cat, spider and pirate. Although the example is in black and white, you can add as much color as you like.

My go-to Halloween costume is a witch. I do usually wear black, but I jazz up my ensemble with orange ribbons and jewelry.

DIY Halloween Costume


Little WitchWhen we bought my daughter’s Halloween costume, she asked me what I was going to be and if we needed to buy mine like we did hers. I told her no, that when we grow up we usually have one Halloween costume and we wear it every year. (We adults can so easily get into a rut.)

Happy HalloweenBut that doesn’t have to be true. In fact, it has me thinking of going over to Goodwill to hunt for some new accessories.

Happy Haunting!

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