Sexy Fashion Trend: Bralette

By Abby

yoins-braletteSo our sex lives can get a little crazy from time to time, and by crazy I mean it disappears. So whether you are experiencing a natural decrease in those helpful reproductive hormones or have kids that just suck the life out of you…sex can be challenging.

We keep our eyes open for things that might give our sex lives a boost. Lucky for us one of this year’s fashion trends happens to be very sexy and practical. The bralette is a bra, lingerie, and a crop top all in one.

The trend is to wear the bralette under a sheer shirt or dress. But it can also be worn as a crop top, if you pair it with strappybralettesomething high waisted and you’re comfortable baring all that skin. I don’t think all bralettes can or should be worn that way. Maybe it’s just me, but I like my underwear under my clothes.

What does this have to do with a sex life crisis? I don’t ever wear lingerie, and my everyday bras and panties are pretty plain. I’m not sporting granny panties but I don’t have anything complicated either. So when I stumbled on the bralette I was like, heck yeah, that’s for me. They’re cute, sexy, and comfortable.

So when that moment finally, FINALLY happens, I will look damn good with my clothes off. And that macys-braletteshould spur us into action.

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