Perfect picnic pants

By Elle
Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design

I’ve been waiting all summer to have a picnic just so I could wear these Ralph Lauren cropped gingham pants. I love picnics, and it’s been our family tradition — at least three generation’s worth — to picnic every summer, usually at the Cleveland Metroparks South Chagrin Reservation.

When I was a girl, I loved walking the creek that ran alongside the picnic area. I’d secretly pretend I was an Indian being hunted by the white man (aka my brother and his two annoying friends). In bare feet, I’d jump from rock to rock as quietly as I could. I’d slip behind trees and wait until they passed. If I returned to my tribe (aka family members engrossed in a game of pinochle) without the white man spotting me, the day was a success and I’d celebrate with an extra helping of mom’s most excellent potato salad.

So when I spotted these gingham pants at Goodwill (about 7 bucks), I immediately thought “picnic”!  I paired them with my red polka dot cami and red Dockers sandals. I dusted off the picnic basket and am ready to go.  Potato salad, anyone?

Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design

Couldn’t find these pants online, but found these that are similar.

Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design

I like how the pants and the shoes are both notched. Nice symmetry … or something.

Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion & Design

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