Are handbags on the way out?

Abby and Elle Upstairs Fashion

One of Elle’s fave handbags: a vintage 50s/60s box purse, grey with paisley interior and lucite handle

By Abby

Are handbags on the way out? Neither of us has bought a purse in a long, long time, and the handbags we do own have been sitting quietly in our closets, just waiting for the word to make a public appearance.

So here’s our confession: We both carry around the same bag every day, regardless of whether or not it matches what we’re wearing. (We try to change it up if we have somewhere extra-special to go, but even then….)

Recently, I got all gussied up for a friend’s birthday dinner — my clothing, jewelry, shoes and hair were flawless. Everyone else looked under-dressed. But I completely forgot about my purse. Normally I carry a large tan corduroy bag with a boho print on the underside of the straps; basically a purse version of a knapsack. It works perfectly for carrying around everything I need to keep my threenager (that’s three going on thirteen) clean and entertained. So there I was, looking completely put together, except for this stained-up satchel  hanging off my side. And you what? I was the only person who noticed or cared that my purse didn’t match. (At least I think I was the only one….)

Elle religiously carries a black AmeriBag because it’s comfortable to carry and because it has a gazillion pockets and compartments to keep her stuff organized. On those rare occasions when she does change her bag, she carries on about it like she’s rearranging the furniture in her entire house. Just the other night, she went out with some friends, and just as she was about to walk out the door, she thought, “Hmm, I really should change my bag. It looks totally wrong.” And then she walked right out the door.

Some women are opting out of bags all together, though we can’t figure out where they put all their stuff, particularly since cargo shorts — one obvious solution — seem to be an oft-hated item of clothing among women.

So what are your thoughts? Is the handbag becoming more of a utilitarian item and less of a fashion accessory? Or would you rather make a statement with your purse like the ones pictured below? Scroll down to take our poll and let us know your thoughts!

Funky Clutches


6 thoughts on “Are handbags on the way out?

  1. What’s a world without handbags, purses, clutches….? I’m guilty of having way too many bags, but I can justify each and every one of them. With Fall right around the corner, I’m definitely looking forward to sporting the fringe trend!!

  2. I have a really cool satchel that is color-blocked in about 6 different colors. It goes with everything, is stylish, and MOST of all, completely utilitarian. I’m a one-bag girl all the way.

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