A fall trend to get ruffled about

By Abby and Elle

As we work on this 200th or so blog post, we’re acknowledging that life is too dang busy. Sometimes we’re too busy to write (and more time passes between posts than we’d like), and we know you’re sometimes too busy to read, especially if you’re using all your reading time to keep up with that minor matter called the Presidential Election.

Maybe that’s why we’re feeling so overwhelmed….

In any case, we’re wishing we could stop the world from spinning and halt time, all Superman-like.  We’re eager to be still, turn our focus inward and just be. Breathe in, breathe out. Focus on the breath. Become the calmness.

Yes, we’ve been meditating, and it’s amazingly powerful. If you haven’t tried it, do. You have a smart phone. Search for some apps. We like Calm. And try some guided meditation podcasts, such as Meditation Oasis.

Meditation is not only good for your emotional health, but there’s also research that says it can help prevent and slow Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders.  Add a dose of yoga to your meditation routine, and you’ll be able to outthink a teenager.

Use meditation to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety. And may the only ruffles in your life be the kind you wear.

All Ruffled Up


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