Will You Help Us Reach Our Readership Goal?

Abby and ElleBy Abby and Elle

Friends, we’re on a mission to increase our readership by 500 people, and here’s how you can help:

  1. If you only see us on Facebook, sign up for our weekly email, that way you never miss a post (and we promise never to share/sell your email address). Sign up on the right, where it says “Follow Blog via Email.”
  2. “Like” the Abby and Elle Facebook page.
  3. When you like a post, share it on your Facebook page.

Of course, we always love hearing from you, so when you like a post (or even when you don’t), let us know by leaving a comment.

Thank you for helping us reach our readership goal. Every time you share one of our posts, you’ll know that another of our pearls of fashion and design wisdom will have helped someone in need. And that feels dang good, doesn’t it?

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