Fashion 9-1-1 — White Funeral

By Abby and Elle: A woman was criticized for wearing all white to an immediate family member’s funeral. I say it’s perfectly acceptable. What say you?    –Fashionably Curious

Lady-In-White-DressDear Curious,

In some Asian countries white, not black, is the color for mourning. But you’re probably not in Japan. We think that as long as you are appropriately bereaved, the color of your outfit should not much matter. In fact, we think that if the funeral happens to be in the dog days of summer, wearing white is perfectly permissible.

Our take is that one needs to focus more on the outfit and less on the color. For example, one should not show up to mourn Uncle Henry wearing a tube top and a mini skirt. However, a nice blouse paired with a pencil skirt or slacks would look just fine — and allow Uncle Henry to rest easily.

4 thoughts on “Fashion 9-1-1 — White Funeral

  1. I have to say I’m a traditionalist on this. I like black for a funeral — I’m ok with adding color to the outfit but feel like there should be some basic black included.

  2. At my grandmother’s funeral, my cousin–who fancied himself a budding rock star at the time–showed up in an all-white outfit (complete with fringes, chains, and boots). So I’ll give this woman a pass.

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