A Thoughtful Gift: Handmade Flowers

By Abby

Paper Poppies

If you are fortunate enough to still have your grandparents, you can celebrate National Grandparents Day on Sept. 13. Let them know how much you care by doing something special for them. What could be more special than a handmade gift and flowers all in one?

A few months ago my grandmother (Nana) sent me a link to Lia Griffith, a DIY blog. The link she sent me was a tutorial about how to make paper poppies (Elle’s favorite flower). The tutorial gives you everything you need to know about how to create these beautiful flowers. It even has a print-out to make life really easy. Guess who didn’t use the print-out. 🙂

Before all this, I had grand ideas about scrapbooking that I never got around to, even though I have everything to do it. So when I went to make these flowers for Elle, I decided to use the paper I already had on hand.

I like paper flowers because when you give or get them as a gift they mean that much more since you have to go through the trouble of making them. It took me over two weeks to make six flowers, which might sound ridiculous until you realize I worked on them a total of 10 minutes a day. (Two-year-olds don’t mix well with scissors and hot glue.)

I also like paper flowers because you can be very creative with them. Once you have a basic idea of how to put them together, the possibilities are endless. You could even go completely overboard and make the paper yourself!

The point is that you can get exactly what you want with paper flowers. Any arts and crafts store has tons of paper choices. But if you can’t find the perfect hue of pink in the paper aisle, you can always paint the paper before you make your flowers.

For all your other paper crafting needs, All Free Paper Crafts has great finds. Thanks, Nana!

Abby and Elle Paper Poppies

Paper Poppies

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