Shrug It On Again

By Abby
As promised, here’s the sequel to Shrug It On. I love the simple elegance of this set. It needs no embellishments, no accessories.

If you haven’t added a shrug to your wardrobe yet, what are you waiting for? They’re especially perfect for summer because they’re lightweight yet offer the comfort you crave when you’re forced to endure the frigid temperatures of every dang indoor establishment in June, July and August. Seriously, I’m all for not drowning in my own perspiration, but what’s so wrong with keeping the indoor temperature at, say, a balmy 70 degrees?

Stay tuned for another shrug sequel and a recap of the Good Style Fashion Show, complete with video!

Shrug It On Again

2 thoughts on “Shrug It On Again

  1. I concur–so cold inside in the summer!
    I need a shrug — they’re sexy too 🙂
    Like the graphic — that brown dress is so pretty.

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