All Wrapped Up

By Abby
Wool Overs is not pulling the wool over your eyes when they say their natural fiber clothing is an amazing value. The company offers wool, cashmere and cotton knitwear, mainly in classic styles, for both men and women. They were nice enough to send me a piece to review, and I chose a ballet wrap cardigan, made from silk and cotton, in natural white — perfect for cool summer evenings.

The cardigan is everything they said it would be: soft, comfortable and versatile — three qualities I love in my clothing. This cardigan can be casual or dressy and can be tied in different ways to achieve different looks.

Goodwill Fashion Show 2015

Abby practicing for the Good Style fashion show in her new ballet wrap cardigan. This cardigan belongs on the runway!

DSC04035 (2)

Here Abby wears the same cardigan tied in a different way with a more casual look. (I’ve been trying to get that necklace from Don Drumm Gallery on the blog for at least a year.)

It comes in four sizes, small to extra large, and eighteen colors. The size I ordered was medium. When I first put it on I thought it was a little tight in the arms, but the longer I wore it the more comfortable it became.

The more any sweater gets worn the more it will pill. (Pilling is a common issue with many knitted fabrics, especially cotton and wool.) But don’t worry, Wool Overs has that covered too. They sell a pilling comb for $4! I did some looking online, and $4 is the cheapest I found.

Another thing I love about this cardigan is the low maintenance; it is machine washable. The Wool Overs website provides care instructions as well as the names of the best detergents to use on their products. Using the wrong detergent could leave holes in your clothes!

Having holes in such a nice garment would be a tragedy, especially because it wasn’t cheap. Wool Overs offers quality clothes at department store prices.  But that’s one reason Elle and I generally shop at thrift stores: so we don’t feel guilty splurging on a quality wardrobe essential every now and again.

Check out their website; you’re probably not in the market for chunky wool sweaters at the moment, but Wool Overs has plenty of light-weight items on deck for spring and summer. They also offer special pricing if you buy two — so you can get one for yourself and one for a friend. Or two for yourself — what the hell. Happy shopping!

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