New Twist on a Scarf and a Site Makeover

By Abby and Elle
We wrapped up this year’s Cleveland International Film Festival* by toasting to another marvelous season of films with a glass Styrofoam cup of champagne at the closing night party. And what a party it was! We slugged down two cups of champagne, jammed a few brownies into our pie holes and headed home. Woo hoo! (Hey, it was a work night.)

To complement the evening’s festive mood, Abby wrapped her MZ Beads scarf around the bun in her hair, and the look was spectacular! The fringe on the scarf cascades effortlessly, and we love how the fringe mingled with strands of Abby’s hair. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Speaking of pretty, since you’re reading this you’ve already noticed our site makeover. Every girl needs a makeover now and then, and websites are no different. Hope you like the new look!

Jill's Funky Do

*Vote for CIFF as the nation’s best film festival — as of this writing, we’re No. 1! You have until April 13 at noon to help CIFF clinch the No. 1 spot!

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